Monday, July 12, 2010

Random pictures

Thanks to grandma Lehnhausen for this glow worm it is a big hit. Reagan just loves her glow worm and if I want her to sleep somewhere else I better have the Glow worm handy.Case in point her two favorite things her bouncy chair and her Glow worm and she was out.
Here she is starting to eat rice cereal.

She loves her food.

"Lets see if I can get my feet into my mouth"


Nikki said...

She is beautiful. How fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so cute Heidi!!! I am so glad you are bringing the glow worm back in style, I loved mine as a kid! She is growing up so much from the last pics! You better watch out I might be stealing her, shes such a cutie!!!!

Mardi said...


Pratt Family said...

How nice you finally have something Reagan likes to help her sleep better. I can't believe how big she is getting, she's such a cutie!!!