Sunday, October 18, 2009


The other day I had a doctor's appointment and at my doctor's office they have about 3 parking spots reserved for expecting mother's. Scott pulled into the parking spot and I told him that we did not have to park there that I wasn't to big yet and I could walk further if we needed. And he turned to me and said "are you kidding, I worked very hard to get here and we are using the parking spot." I just started cracking up, we did go thru a lot we should just enjoy the perks that come along with being pregnant.

After the doctor's appointment we went to Babies R's to look at a few things and Scott made sure to find the good parking spots for me.
I am 36 weeks along now, and now when we go somewhere I am more than happy to use the parking spots up close. I normally don't care where we park but it is a little harder to walk now and pretty soon I am going to waddle where ever I walk so shorter is better. And when I am at work every time I stand up I feel like I have to go to the bathroom.
Several people have said that they want pictures of me so here they are. This was at my parents house tonight we all the family was there for family dinner.

Everyone tells me that I don't look very big, but let me tell you I feel big but I am still enjoying every minute of it. After waiting so long to become pregnant I still feel that I need to pinch myself to make sure it is real sometimes. I can't believe that I have less than 30 days until my due date. Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that I am like my sister Laura and come a few weeks early. But I tease her that because I am 4" taller than her Reagan has more room and won't come out until the very end.

I know everyone wants pictures of the house but because of the picture above I have not been able to put the house completely together yet. At least I am a step closer, the computer is up and running and I have my camera cord for the computer, so it should not be long.