Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Gala

Every year my doctor throws a Gala for all his Gastric Bypass patients that is catered with a slide show of before and after pictures. I did not get in to see my doctor before the Gala so they used my 6month picture. But here was my picture the night of the Gala with my doctor, with 93 lbs lost. They had glow stick necklaces for everyone and the cups on the table would light up. Scott took of from work so that we could go to this together. And then to totally go against weight loss, we went to Glacier Brewhouse for dessert after we left the Gala.

Part of the Gala is a food bank drive and Dr. Todd asks everyone to donate the amount of lbs of food for the amount of lbs lost (like a fast offering). Once you gave your donation to the food bank they had you take your picture with these two.