Monday, July 12, 2010

The best gift of all!

Here is our first Dial family Christmas card picture, it was so wonderful to add Reagan to our lives. We spent Christmas at my mom's house but I was not very good at taking pictures this year. But Reagan slept thur all of Christmas for the most part, next year I can't forget to have the camera on hand.
Well my baby is one month old in this picture and think that she is just two cute! I can't believe how time can flyby and before you know it a month has gone by. This is the picture I used for Reagan's birth announcements.

Sorry for the double picture but this was to small.
Well like I said that time just goes so quickly I am mixing Christmas pictures and her one month old pictures. This was the best gift I received this year and can't believe I am so lucky.
And if you are wondering why she looks younger in this Christmas picture than her one month it is because she is younger. This was just after she was a week old and we took our Lehnhausen family picture. But she just looked so cute as my Christmas present.

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