Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funny Sayings!

After doing a few updates to my blog I remembered something funny on the day that we took this picture. If any of you know our family you know that we have to take tons of pictures I mean a ton of pictures before we will all agree on one family picture. Well we had a lady from our ward come and take pictures for us and she was not use to one family needed so many pictures, and we were all getting a little testy. Well at this time Cody decided he did not want to take anymore pictures so he started to do funny faces and not look at the camera and my dad was losing his temper by then because the wind was blowing and it was cold out. So we were all getting mad at Cody and telling him to stand still so that we could get a good picture and then my dad says "stand still were not standing here for fun." That did it we all just started cracking up because my dad was being totally serious and he was mad at Cody but it was just so funny when we are there to take a family picture to show that we are a happy loving family. We proceeded to laugh and joke with and at dad, but he takes it well and is a good sport. We really do love each other!


So my sister told me about this book, what can I say I go hooked fast. I love to read series books because I get more time with the charters I come to like in the book. I did not know much about the books I just knew that people were talking about the books and seemed to like them. Well I did not get much sleep this week and finished all three and cannot wait for the 4th one to come out.