Sunday, July 19, 2009

With lots of help from friends and family....

Well we did not put the counter top in but Laura designed and drew it all up for me to order it.
Here is a full shot that shows the counter top a little bit better. This counter top was not very easy to get. After many calls back and forth to the granite company Laura I finally got what we wanted. For a while there I thought I was going to have this counter top cut into 3 different pieces. But it is all in one piece and I love it.
I know that I have already put a picture of our flooring on but I have to let you know that Jeremy, Laura and Cody helped us install this flooring. Jeremy knew what he was doing and mostly we just did what we were told and my hands were very sore the next day. Pregnant women should not be down on the hard floor all day.

And last but not least and friend from Scott's work came and helped Scott put in this slate tile floor. He also helped us finish up the hallway with the laminate flooring. We couldn't have done it without him.

I lied. The entryway wasn't the last thing that we got help with. We have also tiled both of our bathrooms and we got a lot of help from Steve Huston (Laura's father in-law) and from my dad. I would show you pictures but the floor is covered in paper. I will post pics once we have them grouted and uncovered.

The builder added trim...

Here is our pantry, and like I said before I am so happy to be getting a pantry in our house.

Here is a shot of our hallway with the two kids' bedrooms and linen closet. The builder was going to put in 6 panel doors but we decided to upgrade to these doors. I am so happy that we spent a little extra money to get these doors.

Here is the trim that is going to be throughout the whole house. We decided to stay with a natural look for our trim and doors. We like the way it looks and feels... light and bright.

This is the bottom of our pantry door next to our laminate flooring.