Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New baby in the house

I am all set and ready to go after I take a quick nap in my favorite chair.

Grandma Pat gave me this bear so that I could sleep better and my parents could sleep better also. (The bear plays white noise like womb sounds to comfort babies)

I have a lot to think about, but I am just so sleepy.

I am just to cute.

You can't see it but I have a cute kitty cat on my butt, thanks again Grandma Pat for the outfit.

I spent 4 days at the hospital and by then I was ready to get out and go home. Scott was so great when we got home and he waited on me hand and foot. He made me breakfast in bed and did a lot of the diaper changes for me (he even put the diaper on right).
Some people say that babies don't know what they like before they are born but I beg to differ. When Reagan was in the hospital she hated to be in the bassinet, I could be holding her till she went to sleep and put her down in her bassinet and she would wake up and cry. If I put her on the bed with me she would be fine. Well that continued when we got home, she would not sleep in her bassinet. Luckily some friends from work had bought me a bouncy chair and Reagan loved it. So for the first 3 weeks of her life she slept in her bouncy chair. The doctor wanted me to try and get her to sleep in her bassinet, but there is only so much I could take before I had to get sleep. Well we finally got over that and she sleeps pretty well in her bassinet next to our bed.