Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here are some more pics of the driveway.

Above is a pic of the parking turnaround outside the garage.

A view looking at the street.

Here are some new pics of the construction.

They begin framing on Monday 5/04/2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

After 5 1/2 years....

I am pregnant and have made it to my eleventh week and had my second doctor's appointment today. It was so fun to be at the doctor's office and see the little baby bounce all around during the ultrasound. The baby is 2" long now and is measuring at 11 wks and 4 days. The due date is November 16th and that won't come soon enough for me.
It has been a long road for Scott and I and he has really been there for me. I have such a wonderful husband that has loved me and supported me through this whole crazy time. I have been very lucky and have had no morning sickness and no crazy cravings. Although I did pull the pregnancy card and asked Scott to go get me some ice cream after a long day at work. I have just been very tired and very hungry, I am hoping that gets a little bit better during my second trimester.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let the fun begin..

So the dirt work has begun and we have a drive way. It is so fun to drive home from work because on my way I can stop by our house and see what has been done for the day. So each day is new and exciting.